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Hey you guys it's me Britney here so this video is just to go over my birth plan and I'm really calling it my birth wish plan because I know that everything doesn't go according to plan so I do have some wishes and desires and I'm hoping that it'll work out that way so mine is two pages but it's just the way I have it categorizes not even really a full two pages so I have our due date at the top which is March twelfth the hospital at I'll be delivering at which in my area is winter park memorial hospital and then i have my doctor's name listed on there so i kind of have like bulletin points sog over that okay so if our section is labor i have we would like to labor at home as long as possible with our doula present before going to the hospital we are attempting to have a natural unmedicated birth without a necessary medical intervention we understand that there are procedures which may become necessary except in the case of an emergency we ask that we be given the opportunity to accept or refuse any procedure on medication so after that and I have a section that says during labor I like so just the things i would like during labor once i get to the hospital so to have my spouse to live and it's a person in my life is like a mother figure so i want to have her there so i have a name on here i would like the lights dimmed the room as quiet as possible as few vaginal exams as possible to stay hydrated with clear liquids and ice chips maximum movement and position changes as tolerated and as what is safe for me in the baby and i put in parenthesis that i'm bringing my birthing ball I look like wireless are intermittent fetal monitoring because I want to be able to move around so I don't want to just be stuck in the bed I'm not sure with the hospital i'm delivering at if they have wireless or not but usually with the intermittent it's kinda like being on the monitor for 15 minutes and then the rest of the hour you 45 minutes you can move around no labor induction or augmentation unless medically necessary then I Clint parentheses if my labor must be induced then I would like to try natural methods first because there are natural ways to induce your labor then I have to use natural I would like to use natural pain relief methods such as breathing techniques massage cold hot therapy etc then I put on here I would like for my partner in our doula to take pictures our video during labor then my second section is delivery so during delivery I would like to try different positions such as squat lie on my side be on my hands and knees stand etc I would like to be able to push spontaneously opposed to being coached on when the push i would like to push like when my body feels a nice bush I like to avoid forceps are vacuum extraction I would like a perineal massage and no routine episiotomy and I plant parentheses I'd rather risk tearing lymphedema cut me and then I also put once again out like my partner in our doula to take pictures or videos so from my...